Our Story

Our flagship audio and media (that’s why we’re Auddia!) technologies are centered around a singular mission to create a better streaming media experience. Our patented technologies and AI make it easier than ever for broadcasters and creators to tap into dedicated fan bases and grow listener engagement.

Auddia Inc. was founded as Clip Interactive in 2012, and we’ve been reinventing how people consume audio and digital content from their homes and smart devices ever since. We are publicly traded on Nasdaq, and more information can be found here.

The Team

Our core team has been at the forefront of delivering ad-free internet radio content for more than a decade. Founded as Clip Interactive in 2012, Auddia Inc.’s engineering and operations teams leverage deep expertise in artificial intelligence, streaming revenue models, online subscriptions and more.

Raz Al-Jaf headshot

Junior Developer

Paul Brill headshot

Senior Android Developer

Pablo Calderon headshot

Director of Engineering

Kelly Ericson

Senior QA Engineer

Brian Hoff headshot

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Lawless

Chief Executive Officer

Kayla Luebke headshot

Director of Graphics & UI Design

Daniel McCarty

Senior Software Engineer

Luiz Metzger headshot

Senior Software Engineer

Blake Redson headshot

VP Product & Operations

Peter Shoebridge headshot

Chief Technical Officer

Andrew Steketee headshot

Senior Content Strategist